Street Parking and Public Lots

Our business district boasts over 1400* parking spots to accommodate your visit. Refer to the West End Map to find indoor parkades and outdoor parking lots. A range of time-limited on-street parking (metered and free) is also available in designated locations. Parking apps will show you available parking as well as giving you the option to pay by phone:

*The City of Vancouver parking meters will accept credit cards, coins, and pay by phone options. In general, Monday to Friday daytime (9:30 am – 6 pm) metered parking is 2 hours maximum; after 6 pm, metered parking is possible for 4 hours, until 10 pm. For weekends and holidays, metered parking is a maximum of 4 hours from 9 am – 10 pm. Check the meters and streets signs for various parking restrictions in effect, such as permit only parking zones and no parking is allowed on Granville Street between 3 – 6 pm Monday to Friday.


The West End is directly accessible from the north shore via the iconic Lions Gate Bridge and from the south part of Vancouver via the historic Burrard Street Bridge.  These bridges create scenic gateways into the West End. If you can drive outside of rush hours it will save you time and you can better appreciate the views.

From the Central Business District to the east, accessing the West End driving is easily done using Robson Street, Davie Street and Pacific Boulevard.

Allow extra driving time in the summer months as the West End is one of the most popular destinations in the city due to our proximity to Stanley Park and English Bay.

Drive slowly and safely and respect the locals who love to walk to local shopping and entertainment.  Enjoy your drive to and around one of the city’s oldest and most vibrant neighbourhoods.