Have a great idea for an event in Jim Deva Plaza? Does your organization need financial assistance? Apply for event sponsorship and make your idea happen! Deadline is March 20, 2018.

The City of Vancouver also provides some grants or subsidies to offset the costs of running an event. A list of the grants and subsidies which are currently available are on their website here.

Additional information regarding your application, including a detailed description of any amplified noise, should be submitted in a separate “letter of explanation” and submitted to info@jimdevaplaza.ca.

    A. Organization Details

    B. Organization Qualifications


    C. Event Leader Contact Information

    D. Event Information

    • RecurringOne-time

    E. Resources/Budget

    The plaza will provide all applications with the following in-kind support:

    • Promotion through the plaza website, social media channels and onsite event signage.

    • Services of the plaza coordinator.

    • Access to power and a limited number of tents and tables (if required).

    F. Additional Information

    This Event Sponsorship Application does not replace the process of applying to the Film and Special Events Office for event permits and approval. This application can be made separate from the sponsorship request and sponsorship does not affect whether an event is approved.

    If approved, all events will require liability insurance. The insurance requirements for events or activities on city property are a minimum coverage of $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability against third party claims for bodily injury, death, property, and loss of use. You will need to identify your insurance provider after submitting your event application to the Film and Special Events Office.