As we gear up to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, here’s a look at some photos that celebrate the West End’s own diverse history and showcase how our neighbourhood has evolved over the decades.

Curated by Community Journalist, Janet Leduc, read on for her top picks!

5 English Bay – 1913

This May 18, 1913 photo with a view of English Bay beach and Stanley Park was taken from the Sylvia Court apartment building now the Sylvia Hotel. The apartment building on the beach, the Engelsea Lodge burned down in 1981. – CVA AM1376-: 2013-002.1 

4 Robson Street – 1928

This 1928 photo of the 1300 block of Robson Street points to the evolution of the street.  At the turn of the century Robson was a residential street, in 1928 it was becoming a mixed residential and commercial and now it is almost completely commercial.  (CVA 09802)

3 The Empire Landmark Hotel – 1973 

This photo shows the The Empire Landmark Hotel at 1400 Robson just before it was completed in 1973.  The current owners, Hong Kong based Asia Standard International Group, plan to close the hotel along with its revolving restaurant on September 30, 2017 and demolish it once they have received all the permits from the city.  (CVA69-08)

2 Cardero Grocery Store – 1983

The  Cardero Grocery store,  illustrated in artist Michael Kluckner’s 1983 painting,  was one of the first buildings on Cardero Street and one of four grocery stores west of Burrard.  Mrs Kate Fleming operated her store from 1901 until 1935;   both her house and store at 1076-78 Cardero Street are on the City of Vancouver’s heritage register and the store still operates as Cardero Grocery.

1  Gay Unity Parade – 1981 

Mayor Mike Harcourt declared August 1-7, 1981 Gay Unity Week.  These men marching on Thurlow at Pendrell, past what is now Mole Hill, took part in the first Gay Unity Parade held the same year. -(Photo Credit Rick Loughran)