What a week it’s been in the West End! The number of entries for the #WeAmaze photography contest has been overwhelming with so many fantastic images.

Remember, we’re looking for fantastic images that convey what West End living is all about. As much as we love our English Bay sunsets, the West End has so much more to offer! Have a look through our feed to see the pictures that we’ve been posting for some inspiration.

My pick this week is a shot of the Honda Celebration Of Light taken by @shig_van. While it might not be a technically perfect photograph, Shigeru has really captured the magic of the fireworks, and how they fill the entire night sky when you watch them from English Bay. Well done!

Shigeru is now in the running for the chance of winning a new bike from Denman Bike Shop! Want to enter? Be sure to tag your West End photos (Easy on the sunsets please!) with ‘ #WeAmaze’ **AND** ‘@westendbia’, and I might pick your shot next week!” —Nelson Mouellic