Showcasing creative community at the heart of the West End.

As part of an initiative to connect the West End neighbourhood with their local creative community, residents have come together to create “Verse & Verve” ­ a fresh and upbeat showcase of independent musical artists and performers in Vancouver’s West End.

Produced by Single Line Theatre and WE Arts volunteers, the series presents artists in raw, spontaneous, and intimate performances throughout the neighbourhood. Featured talent include jazz performer Krystle Dos Santos, singer­songwriter Peter Konrad and Kitti Ami, actor Alan O’Silva and others. As a collection, the series aims to shine a blazing spotlight on the creative community that makes Vancouver’s West End an inspiring place to live.

Verse and Verve will screen at the Robson Community Fair in its six episode entirety, September 12, from 10pm 4pm. Following the launch, the series will premiere online with 2 episodes then roll out through September and October with a 3-4 minute episode every Thursday.

Curious to learn more? Watch the trailer!

The project is made possible through financial assistance from the Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grants, a program that empowers residents to develop projects that meet the needs of the community.

For more information about ‘Verse and Verve’ contact Project Lead Katherine Krampol.