There’s a reason why Robson Street is one of the city’s most popular streets. Lots of reasons, actually. For one, there’s something going down on Robson Street almost every day of the year – and it’s more than just great the shopping.

It’s true that Robson is a hub for all manner of fashionistas. It’s also true that Robson Street runs right through the heart of Downtown Vancouver connecting BC Place Stadium on False Creek to Robson Square/Vancouver Art Gallery through to Stanley Park.   Not bad for one street only a few kilometers long. And not to boast, but we actually wonder if Robson might just be Western Canada’s most dynamic.

If you think the shopping is good – you’ll love the food.

Ay, there’s the grub:  Beyond borders (the culinary kind, that is), the western most stretch of Robson also seamlessly connects the West to the East – through food.  Japanese and Korean fare, to be more specific.

Vancouver’s ever-evolving cultural mix has transformed Lower Robson into our very own “Ramen District,” packed with some of the city’s best Japanese and Korean restaurants. Soutouka, Marutama, Guu with Garlic… the list goes on. Noodles anyone? And where Robson meets Denman Street the food choice expands in all directions.

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